When Disability Meets Apology

Yes! All of this!

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Ever tell someone you have a disability/you’re disabled and they immediately offer an apology? For many of us this happens quite often when you disclose that you have a disability and maybe there’s this accompanying puppy-dog pity look of concern that stops short of a pat on the head and a Paypal offer to your, um..charity case-looking self. Insert tight shot of mouth uttering the slow-mo, deep-voiced utterance of whatever the disabling condition is. *needle scratch* Like dance floor cleared from the fusillade of sulfur-smelling farts you let off or something.  When conversations that were surfing levity turn undertow serious. A pearl-clutching concern that never, quite, pans out. Or maybe the reaction is akin to throwback rapper, Positive K’s response of “You gotta what? How long you had that problem?”

This is where you know a person has an “infirmed” but not *informed* idea from a comprehensive perspective of being…

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