Café de Sourds, a Short Film by a First-Time Deaf Filmmaker

moviemoneyI have written a short film for entry into The Strength Within You international film festival and also to show in local film showcases in the Savannah, GA area.

This short film is written to flip the script on the usual way deaf or disabled people are shown in movies or on TV. The film is written, produced, and directed by a deaf woman, a first time filmmaker. The cast will be almost entirely deaf people and people with other disabilities. The crew will be mostly film students from Savannah at SCAD or SSU. It is the only film and cast of its type in the Savannah, Georgia area, and possibly in the Southeast region of the U.S.

We already have applications to submit it to at least 2 film festivals, including an international film festival for deaf filmmakers and one in Savannah, GA. This could lead to more work for me and my deaf actors in the  Savannah, Georgia  and Charleston, SC area.

We are trying to do this film as a no budget, but we may need to rent a camera and equipment and location to shoot the movie, In addition, we need to feed 20-30 people(crew and actors) and to raise money for submission fees to festivals.

We are planning to shoot either the weekend of July 15-16, or the weekend of July 29-30.

We are raising the money through PayPal, as it doesn’t charge anyone for contributing or us for withdrawing from the account. You will be thanked in the credits, as well as by email for your contribution. Please be sure to include a message so we know what the funds are for. Every little bit helps.

Contribute here:

For more information, or to volunteer as cast or crew, you may email the producers here:

Follow the Facebook Page:

Thank you so much!


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