Okay, you’re deaf, we get it …

Becoming deaf and being born deaf have different issues for each person.

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Actually, if you “got it” there would not be millions of late deafened adults out there trying to get friends and family to understand what is going on without being considered a crank, a faker, or just delusional.

Most late deafened adults are not totally deaf.  We hear environmental noises – like lawnmowers and jet airplanes and car engine motors.  Unfortunately, human voices are not in that hertz range.  What is a hertz range?  I hope Bitco David stops by to expound, but non-sound engineer little me will make a stab at this.

Sound comes in different frequencies.   The important sounds to humans is often called “the hearing banana” or “the speech banana” because the range curves like a banana. I’d show you mine, but I’ve misplaced it again.  I can’t find a good commons photo, so here’s a linkto a chart.

Once people start losing…

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