Marla Crews

I joined the virtual Disability March.

Disability March

picture-4 My hair is dark blonde with gray. My hearing aids are not visible.

I feel the Disability March is important. For too long, those of us with disabilities are forgotten, pushed to the side, left out, and left behind. It’s time to put an end to this. Many of us can do what the non-disabled can do, and in some cases, do it better, because of our superior problem-solving skills. The next civil rights movement to get the spotlight is going to be Disability Civil Rights movement, because we are people too.

I am a deaf woman. I am almost 42, and I have a daughter that is almost 19. I am currently in college to become an ASL teacher. I work occasionally in the film and TV industry in the Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC areas. I am also currently contemplating a run for my local city council and…

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