Seeing Hearing Impairments

Here is a post on what hearing losses would look like if you could see them as images.


If we could see hearing impairment, what would it look like?

Lets begin our analogy with an image:


This is how a neurotypical person would see the image. The colours are vibrant, edges are clear and objects can easily be picked out. Now imagine if we saw this picture in the same way people generally think hearing impairment works – where everything is simply less intense.


It obviously doesn’t look like our original photo, but its still easy to parse out most objects. The only aspects that are particularly difficult are those areas that were not very intense to begin with, like the shadowed trees in the background (compare this to whispers, which are generally difficult to pick up for even normal hearers). However, this image does not represent a proper visual analog to hearing impairment.


Most hearing impairments are sensorineural, which generally means they are caused by an absence…

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