Scope’s Romance Classics: Penelope Friday is ‘The Sensual Scribe’

I know it’s shocking, but people with disabilities are not invisible, not asexual, and either have or want normal, healthy love and sex lives.

This post highlights authors of fiction for adults that include adults with disabilities.

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An illustrated spoof romance novel, 'The Sensual Scribe'Penelope Friday is an erotic fiction author with a penchant for raunchy tales of sex and romance.

This sensual scribe will not stand for the “disabled people don’t have sex” attitude. Why wouldn’t the ‘Lusty Lady’ use a wheelchair or the ‘Horny Hunk’ be deaf?

She is here to mix sex and disability into the pages of her tantalising tales.

I came into writing erotica through fan fiction. Fan fiction (often called ‘fanfic’) is a class of writing in which you take other people’s characters and give them adventures of their own.

A large proportion of this is dedicated to writing ‘adult’ fiction – no matter whether the original characters were engaged in sexual activity or not!

I always feel as if I should apologise for coming to the genre through fanfic, as it’s seen as a ‘lesser’ form of writing, but actually the amount of fun I’ve had –…

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