Things That Only Happen to Deaf People

OMG So much of this is true.

Lexington School for the Deaf

Whether you’re a signer, a lipreader, a hearing aid wearer or a cochlear implant user (or maybe a bit of each of those), there are some things that truly only happen to a deaf person. Things that simply don’t happen to everyone else. How many have happened to you?

When you tell people you are deaf, they ask if you understand Braille.

You curse your cell’s auto correct function when you tell people that you’re “profoundly dead.”

Once in a while, you lose your hearing aids and spend the morning searching for them, before discovering them in the pocket of the pants you are currently wearing.

At an audiology appointment, you try to *beat* the audiologist by watching them moving their hands on the dial. This makes them irate.

You go to a deaf party just for the warm embrace of a hundred ‘deaf hugs.’

When you tell people you are deaf, they…

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