ABC Family’s Switched at Birth spreads awareness about ASL & Deaf community

An article from another deaf woman that I went to school with before moving to Georgia.

This article is about the ABCFamily show “Switched At Birth,” which uses people that actually have deafness to play the roles of deaf people.

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ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, brings American Sign Language (ASL) to tell its story to fans of ASL and to its viewers.  This show also shows that deafness can mean many things to different people.  For example, Sean Berdy, playing Emmett Bledsoe, plays the character who speaks only ASL as Sean is profoundly deaf on set and in real life.  Watch the interview here.

 Born into a Deaf family, Sean is a natural at ASL, and acts as an example for the Deaf community through his own shows: The Sean Berdy Show and Sean Berdy Entertainment.  He is also born to perform as seen in various films like The Sandlot 2, The Deaf Family, and The Legend of the Mountain Man when he was a child.  Being natural at ASL, Sean also was part of the Hollywood industry’s first picture-in-picture ASL translation of Twentieth Century-Fox’s Ice Age: Continental…

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