Why deaf people make better drivers.

I often get asked how i drive, or if deaf people can drive. I often point out that you need to see to drive, not hear. That’s why your eyesight, and not your hearing, is checked for getting a license. My hearing daughter stopped correcting me a long time ago about seeing sirens. She understands that emergency vehicles have flashing lights. In reality, it often appears I know that the emergency vehicles are approaching well before hearing drivers that rely on their ears.

The Tree House.

As a young girl I remember the shocked expressions on my hearing friends faces when they finally realised my mum was going to drop them off home, by car… “Can your mum drive?!” would be their usual question “But she’s deaf… how can she drive?!” would be their usual response. They would sit in the back of the car looking very nervous indeed. One friend even wanted to strap all three seat belts on?!

Anxious... Anxious…

So it is a very “Well done” to people like Muneeb Ahmed who is a deaf driver that overcame the doubters at a Derby taxi firm. Who is believed to be the UK’s first deaf taxi driver.

Lately some questions arose such as:

“Is it safe to let deaf people drive?”

Of course it is safe for deaf people to drive, if anything they would make better drivers due to the power of their observation skills because deaf people…

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