I Have Somewhat Lofty Aspirations

Quote by Louisa May Alcott

For the most part, I have lived in small towns. I’ve had brief stints in larger cities, but end up right back in a small town again. I could probably expound upon the merits and demerits of small towns versus cities, but that is almost always subjective, never objective. It boils down to opinions.

Honestly, I go back and forth on which one I prefer. I want this impossible combination of a close-knit community with big city amenities, where everybody knows you and cares about you, but you don’t have to drive so far to get anything. I’d also like it to be by a beach or lake, which is nigh on impossible, but that’s the stuff of my dreams, you know?

I think my time spent in small towns, wiling away my time daydreaming, makes my aspirations seem too far out of reach. At least, they seem that way to me. Why do they seem so distant? Because when I look around, I don’t see anyone else doing what I’d like to do, or hear of anyone else making their wildest dreams come true. Maybe some dreams are just too wild? Maybe being in a small town that has little to offer and is so far out of the way inhibits those dreams?

What are some of my wildest dreams? Actor, singer, writer, Congresswoman, business owner. These are the ones that are most out of reach, too high to achieve, like trying to reach the stars beyond the clouds.

Instead, I am looking at dreams that don’t soar quite so high, like becoming a teacher or a journalist. While I may be able to build a castle around these more grounded dreams, I don’t think I will ever be truly happy with them. Until I get at least one shot at the higher dreams, I’ll forever be looking at the clouds, daydreaming, feeling caged by my castle’s walls.

I may feel caged now, but I try to make that my daughter does better. In doing so, I hope she achieves her dreams, and doesn’t end up swinging on a perch, watching the world go by, wishing for the seemingly impossible.

After all, that’s what parents are supposed to do, right?Help their children determine a goal and help them to reach it, encourage them to reach it? I’m not perfect, but I am doing my best to do just that.

Please comment below. I'd like to know what you think.

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