Support Local & Small Businesses

248127_594628437221626_1797977951_nPlease, everyone, keep in mind that while you may be able to find things cheaper online or elsewhere, that you are paying to support people you do not even know. In addition, you are expending more time and effort to get a product that you are planning to get, anyway. By buying local, you support small businesses in your community and help people you know to support their families.

Listen to the people around you. Yes, they fuss about having to drive places, but also think about the stores and other businesses that have come and gone in our county. Because of the attitude that we can get it cheaper somewhere else, we don’t shop locally. But very often, if you factor in the gas and time (and shipping, if you’re looking online) that you are spending getting something somewhere else to save $5, you will find that it costs more to go somewhere else.

As someone who was planning to open a business myself, I know why we don’t have more stores. Everywhere I’ve worked, people complain about the prices of everything and tell me that they can get it cheaper somewhere else or online. Enough of that going on, and the business can’t make money. If the business isn’t making money, it can’t stay open or get what you want or need. We as a community need to change this attitude. I didn’t open my own business because of this issue. Brick-and-mortar stores are a dying breed because of this attitude. If you want businesses to serve you in your town, you need to support them.

It hurts the feelings of those of us that are working in local businesses or that have local businesses when you ask us for recommendations and we spend the time to help you, then you go somewhere else to buy a recommended product when it is available right here. Why would you pay someone you don’t even know that didn’t take the time to help you?

Image from!Ns1VI
Image from!Ns1VI

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