Superbowl Sunday Ruminations

Superbowl Sunday. Wow. Mom loved to watch the Superbowl, especially if her Patriots were playing, or the Detroit Lions, because one of her classmates was the head coach. She just loved sports, maybe because she had 4 brothers? I don’t know.

I don’t do football. While Mom was a coach at times and loved the game, I’ve never understood it. I think part of it is the rebellion thing, you know? I wanted to do the opposite of what she wanted? Even after my teenage years, I never asked her to explain football to me. Sometimes, I wish I did, because that would have meant more time spent with her.

But at the time, it was embarrassing for me to go to the high school football games. She had been helping some of the guys on the team improve how they threw the ball and such, and would teach them things that she taught her players when she coached. Then, when we went to the games, she would yell from the stands like she was a coach. I would go hide by the band and come back when the game was over. Looking back, that would have been golden opportunities to learn about the game, so I wouldn’t be so clueless now.

I used to watch in Mom’s spirit, but no antenna or cable means I’m not watching. But since losing her on February 1, 2007, I feel bad when I don’t do things she liked, as if I am letting her down.

Anyone want to take the time to teach me about the game?

Me, my sister, and my mother in late 1997, maybe October or November.

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