November Thankful Project


10298919_795011853849775_6849923969196616759_nNovember, the month of Thanksgiving, and a good month for taking stock of everything for which you are thankful.

I think I will do mine as a long blog post, updated every day, to keep me focused on changing my life for the better.

For November 1, 2013, I will start it with:
1.) I am thankful for my baby sister. Yeah, we fuss sometimes, can’t stand each other sometimes, but we love each other. As you well know, people who love each other can forgive almost anything, in time.

November 2, 2013, the second day of this project:
2.) I am thankful for my daughter. Yes, there are days when I would like to clobber her, but that is one of the trials of having a teenager. She is becoming a decent young lady, in my opinion. It can’t be easy having a mother with a disability, and, unfortunately, she was bullied in school because of me. My baby sister took her under her wing and explained that she, too, was bullied because I am deaf, and helped my daughter to work out how to deal with the bullies in an effective way.

My daughter will be 16 in a few more months, and she is already talking about taking a part-time job to help out around the house, instead of planning to play with her money. She already has good work ethics for the most part, honor roll student, and knows the value of money. I must be doing something right.

She also functions as a “hearing helper” for me, which means that when she goes places with me, she listens for the things I need to know, makes sure that I don’t do anything wrong in public. She is considering working with other deaf people in the future.

Yes, I am definitely thankful for my daughter, even though she drives me crazy some days.


UPDATE: I never did finish this, because of a lack of interest. I will not make this mistake again.

Please comment below. I'd like to know what you think.

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