“Making Rainbows,” another poem from when I was 18

You will find that this poem has a completely different tone than my other one that was published in the school’s literary magazine, “Blue Roses.” I hope you enjoy this one. The picture is one that I took at work one day, after a storm calmed, but there were still sunshowers, producing a rainbow.

Making Rainbows

As I stand outside in the rain and see raindrops,

God’s mini-prisms, I think of the beautiful spectrum

That those prisms create.

I turn to see rolling clear skies beside me,

The sun shining brightly.

Turning my back to the sunny blue skies I see

In front of me a miracle,

As the sun’s light is refracted through those prisms

And paints a spectrum across the sky.

Ah, a breathtaking rainbow appears.

If only I, too, could be a rainbow

And be brighter in dim times!

© 1993 Marla Crews

2011-09-27 18.29.07

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