“Blue Roses,” a poem from when I was in high school

blue-rose-pretty-designMy senior year of high school, a literary magazine was published, and a couple of my poems were in it. This is one of them. Please do not copy or steal my work. Thank you! (Even though it’s old, from when I was 18!)

The picture I found to accompany it was available on the Internet, as I have not contacted the artist that drew the picture accompanying my poem in the magazine to ask his permission to publish his work.

Blue Roses

To be unpopular is to be lonely;

No one wants to be friends with you

And you are the one to sit at home alone

Every night of your life.

Popular people are the ones with clout,

No doubt, and they always get what they

Want or attempt, even if they are lousy and unable to do it.

Unpopular people are usually not chosen for anything

(People are afraid the underdog will rub off on them,

And they will be unpopular, too.)

“You’re a late bloomer,” mother says, but

You know that’s a lie —

It’s one thing to be unliked and

Another to be shy.

I am shy, that’s true,

You must approach me before I approach you,

But my shyness was born of a reproach by others.

What can I do to be accepted by you?

I don’t know that answer, and maybe

Neither do you,

But until that question can be answered,

This statement will hold true:

Life is a long, lonely road to death.

© 1993 Marla Crews

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