Truth swallower

There are some days that I just want to say what’s actually on my mind without filtering it or cleaning it up or holding it back. But a decades-old habit of keeping that need bottled in is quite effective at preventing most catastrophes that would result if I actually said what I thought. I’m sure that most people that tell me I should say what I think don’t really want to hear it. Every time I do let that cork out of the bottle, I get in trouble.

I guess because I keep it all bottled up, and everything gets all shaken up, that the reason no one hears my real opinions and feelings about anything until the cork flies out because the bottle is about to explode. Even right now, when I dearly need to let the cork out to relieve the pressure before I say or do something I shouldn’t and will regret, I cannot, because it will cause me more harm than it would benefit me.

So, I’ll swallow most of what I want to say, until I get to talk to someone who is used to hearing my true thoughts and keeps my counsel. Of course, I do the same for that person, too, when that person needs to vent, so it’s not like I back up and dump a load of manure on the front yard and drive away. It gets spread around and she adds her own to the mix, and sometimes we have another person to help. We’ll all feel better after a vent session.

I am supposed to hang out with this friend tomorrow, so maybe when the two of us are done venting at each other, we’ll feel better, huh?

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